Avast ye bilge rats, land lubbers and rumsoaked wannabe seafarers, We’r here to talk about our Captain Jack…Arrrrgggghhh.. It be gettin’ harder and harder to be readin’ these things since I lost me eye-patch. Lucky fer me, ol’ Polly learnt to read by studyin’ ther newspapers on ther bottom of his cage. Spent many an afternoon readin’ ther funny-pages to ‘is cap’n durin’ ther long voyages to the South Seas… Me timbers is shivering So on wit’ ye, powder monkeys, get ye ta speakin’ smartly or I’ll lay the Black Spot on ye. “If the legendary explorer Amerigo Vespucci opened a bar on one of his early trips to America it would have been just like Captain Jacks. Warm, intimate and inviting. Sit at one of the Captain’s tables and sample the culinary delights, or pull up a stool and listen to the finest musical acts the City of Towanda has to offer.

(570) 265-1329

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Captain Jack’s
616 Main Street
Towanda, PA 18848

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