Mather Memorial Library began in 1920 with members of the Ulster Study Club each giving a book in lieu of dues. The books were kept in the living room of the Abe Chaffee home. As the collection grew it moved upstairs over the firehouse then to a vacant store offered by D. W. Mills. At that time the collection consisted of 400 volumes. Mrs. Fred E. Mathers was elected librarian. In 1930, the growth of the library made larger quarters necessary. The Mather Store was purchased. The first floor served as the library with meeting rooms upstairs. Mather Memorial Library remains in the same building and currently has a collection of over 15,000 items. When Mrs. Mather retired Miss Mattie Howie took over as librarian and served for 30 years. Mrs. Mary Gillette became the librarian when Miss Howie retired and continued until her death in 1989.

(570) 358-3595

(570) 358-3595




Mather Memorial Library
P.O. Box 230
23866 Route 220
Ulster, PA 18850

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