Nestled in the heart of the endless mountains, Pickering Winery is located on Route 187, 5 miles north of Wysox, and 1 mile south of Rome, Pennsylvania. Established in December 2003 by Jim and Mary Pickering, we are a husband and wife owned and operated business and have come this far with the help of our family and friends. The entire wine making process takes place on our premises. Come visit and taste the fruits of our labor made from Pennsylvania fruits. We offer a wide variety of wines including red, white, dry, sweet, semi-sweet and more. Don’t forget to check out the gift shop which has a nice selection of candles, custom made wine baskets, lighted wine bottles, cheeses and more. 

(570) 247-7269


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Pickering Winery/Jim & Mary Pickering
27697 Route 187
Wysox, PA 18854

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