We offer great rates on our building rentals. We do not charge on a per person basis, so this will allow you to invite as many as you wish at no extra charge. We do children’s skate parties! When doing a skate party, the child may invite his entire class if you so wish (Good Luck!!!) Included in the cost you will have someone there to play music for you, free skates to use for all of the children, games provided such as limbo, corner game, and “the dice game”. (Don’t worry, there is a person “helping hands” there to help if you are not familiar with how the games work.) As mentioned, our building is not only used for skate parties, but can also be rented for almost anything (No alcohol or smoking please). You can also rent our building to run your own group activity such as basketball, volleyball, karate, aerobics, etc. When planning your next event we hope that you will consider booking with us!!!

570-867-1467 or 570-596-2206 


Sheshequin-Ulster Community Center
James Street
Ulster, PA 18850

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